We provide Bunker Services. .....

Marine Gas Oils (MGO) also known as solar HSD. .....

Marine Fuel Oils (MFO) also known as recidu/minyak bakar. .....

Marine Diesel Oils (MDO) also known as diesel/MDF. .....

PT Samudera Andalan Suramadu, a privately owned company and pioneer of independent bunker trading in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, was launched in Juni 1982 to provide a reliable and personalized bunker supply service.

Bunker Services
Marine Gas Oils (MGO)
Marine Fuel Oils (MFO)
Marine Diesel Oils (MDO)

Currently under construction.

Currently under construction.

Jl. Tanjung Perak Timur No. 518 H Surabaya 60165
East Java Indonesia
+62 (31) 328 5473
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